The Collocation Between Fake Ray Bans And Jacket

The weather gets warmer trend more obvious, now have a jacket for the winter season is absolutely right, you can choose suit patterns can be chosen as a commuter with exquisite leather, very practical, for everybody here in advance under the actress who most of the reference guidelines.

Fine, short coat with dark fake Ray Bans has become a big trend in the early spring street actress shape, single wear jackets and may have you feeling easy to show in winter gathered a small pot, but in which several collocation have Ray Ban sunglasses cheap to brighten the effect is very effective to the visual focus to face up that will make you look more confident, do not believe it to have a ride, you will gain a lot.

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Song Jia’s body modeling using a simple red and blue color easily create eye-catching effect, the overall feeling is not very unassuming, backpack and cuffs of color echoes, let gray dress is not monotonous, also can feel the hint of playful in winter, leather + cheap Ray Bans is eye-catching a universal street. A little effort can be in the shape of a color.

Bucket package refers to the appearance of the bottom of the circle is large, the package has a tightening or lacing and buckle of small packages, will be with the feeling of wandering bucket package, the use in the dress will be what kind of effect? Beige bucket bag with the same can create a bright spot in the suit, plus leather recreational sense let Miranda Kerr style is dignified and easy, this old newly made to wear again in the Miranda Kerr body showed the magic charm.

For insurance purposes, in our daily life as the dress does not suit the bucket bag accessories, but casual chic dress collocation, or, quite coordinated, last year, broke the bucket bag bag market is monopolized by small volume clutch, considerable practical tote bag structure of the situation, became the essential decoration It girl the slender elements on the wrist. This year the “new concepts in an old framework was again drying out, was born nearly a hundred years of bucket bag this season, came back.

Kim Kardashian a famous brand debut, Hermes belt with CHANEL chain package, let her have a kind of nouveau riche feeling, in fact, this equipment is not complicated, the ride is very commuting white shirt + jeans, as long as there is an eye-catching chain bag, the style will not be deviation.

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The upper body translucent lace make this dress very temperament, retro feeling is very obvious, there is wind effect suit collocation, very strong, the overall shape of neutral style, like lace shirt, find a lot of good money in the Zara will be able to collocation.

Liling jacket + snow pants Street let Gwen Stefani looks freaky flavor, big bag with boots uninhibited, especially lips collocation makes this Fedora styling with the style sheet base, retro replica Ray Bans UK feel more cool in the street.

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