Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB3386 on sale

Ray-Ban is a well-respected eyewear brand with a long history. Its products are loved by consumers around the world, among which the RB3386 series of sunglasses are even more popular. RB3386 sunglasses are a classic in the Ray-Ban family, and have always been highly praised for their design style and excellent quality.

Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB3386

Design and Materials

The design of RB3386 sunglasses on the fake rayban sale combines classic and fashion, combining streamlined appearance and functionality. This sunglasses uses a large-size lens design to provide users with a wider field of view and more comprehensive sun protection effect. It has a unique appearance and adopts a slender frame, showing an elegant and fashionable style. RB3386 also adopts a double-bridge design, which enhances the stability and comfort of the frame and is suitable for various face shapes.

Ray-Ban has always been committed to using high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture its eyewear products. RB3386 sunglasses use high-quality lens materials to provide an excellent visual experience and can effectively reduce glare and reflection. The frame is made of durable metal, lightweight yet strong and durable. In addition, this series of sunglasses is also equipped with 100% UV protection lenses. It provides users with comprehensive protection and protecting eyes from UV damage.


Style/Design Features: Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB3386 is a classic large-size lens design with a slender, fashionable and elegant appearance. It adopts a metal frame design and is equipped with plastic lenses, which has excellent durability and comfort.

Lens characteristics: The lens width is 63mm and has sufficient area to provide a wider field of view. At the same time, the plastic lens is lightweight and comfortable.

Nose bridge and temples: RB3386 has a 13mm nose bridge. So it is suitable for a variety of face shapes and provides a stable wearing experience. The temple length is about 130mm, which ensures a comfortable wearing and provides sufficient support.

Suitable occasions and styles: These sunglasses are suitable for various occasions, whether it is daily casual or formal occasions, they can highlight your personality and fashion style.

Lens protection: RB3386 lenses provide 100% UV protection to ensure effective prevention of UV damage to the eyes.

Style and Choice

The Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB3386 series has a variety of colors and lens options for consumers to choose from, including different lens colors and frame colors. This allows consumers to choose the style that best suits them based on their personal preferences and needs. At the same time, these sunglasses are suitable for various occasions, whether it is daily casual or formal occasions, you can show your personality and style.

As a well-known eyewear brand, Ray-Ban’s products are not only functional eyewear, but also a symbol of fashion and taste. The RB3386 series of sunglasses combine elegant design and superior quality, reflecting Ray-Ban’s leading position in the field of fashion eyewear. Whether they are celebrities, fashionistas or ordinary consumers, they are full of love and pursuit of Ray-Ban’s products.

Choice: Given the specifications on offer, the RB3386 series of sunglasses is a very good choice. It features wide lenses, metal frames and plastic lenses, while meeting size, comfort and protection requirements.


As the leading product of the Ray-Ban brand, fake Ray-Ban sunglasses have won widespread recognition and praise for their unique design, high-quality materials and excellent quality. These sunglasses are not only a daily sun protection tool. But also a symbol of fashion and taste, bringing consumers an experience of elegance, comfort and diverse choices. As fashion trends continue to evolve, RB3386 sunglasses, as a classic style, will continue to show their charm in the future. And become a must-have item in people’s fashion life.

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