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Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses are a must for spring and summer. From the tinted translucent, retro-sharp narrow cat’s eye to the futuristic cool “eye mask”, the Knockoff Ray Bans Sunglasses Sale have adhered to the “floating” principle of the new style of the tree, so this year?

fake ray ban sunglasses

fake ray ban sunglasses

This year’s sunglasses are so long, there is a more exaggerated trend in style. For example, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana’s 2018 spring and summer series, the extremely exaggerated frame is simply not defined, completely skipping the previous frame design, such as cat eye frame, round frame and other such frame nouns useless in them.

Although people should not wear such exaggerated sunglasses, it is very suitable for magazines and stars to make special shapes.

Cat eye frame fake Ray Bans

fake ray bans

fake ray bans

The cat eyes best fake Ray Bans that are popular in recent years are quite full, and everyone should be familiar with them; what is the difference in retro cat eyes. Modern cat glasses frames are mostly round and full, and some design changes are made in the corners of the cat’s eyes. Most of the frames of the Knockoff Ray Bans Sunglasses Sale are bold and totem; they were flat and convergent in the 50s and 60s, and 1990-2000. Cat eyes are popular, and now they are popular again, quite retro and have a charm.

Rectangular cat glasses frame

In this era, anything is possible. Of course, the frame design is also increasingly breaking through the frame, and the appearance of mirrored designs with twisted, asymmetrical, and rectangular geometry is getting higher and higher. Although still relatively small, this will be the next wave of unstoppable trends.

Multicolor frame

knockoff ray bans

knockoff ray bans

This season’s contrast knockoff Ray Bans sunglasses are also very dazzling. There are a variety of different frame types, contrasting, transparent and clearly visible to the eyes of the eyes, is definitely the trend this year, and the color is roughly in yellow, purple, blue, if you dare to wear, red is also a good choice .

Small and round frame

After the popular Oversize outlet Ray Ban glasses in the 1980s, the thin frame, half frame, and elliptical narrow frame began to be popular in the 1990s, and this trend has signs of reflow.

Science fiction frame

I believe that everyone has felt that the fashion circle has a polarized phenomenon, not the pursuit of retro, that is, the sci-fi color that emphasizes the futuristic.

Last season, Chanel used space as the theme, and it was extremely gorgeous to make the show into the Space Agency. The Grand Palace in Paris turned into a rocket launching base. Now, all the audience and models are surrounded by the huge Chanel N°5 rocket, and you can clearly feel the futuristic elements in fashion and accessories.

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