The Choice Of Fake Ray Ban Lens

When it comes to the effect of sunglasses, that is, what kind of sunglasses do I need to wear? When it comes to the scene, it is well known that fake Ray Bans are used in all kinds of scenes, and most of them are outdoors. In short, that is, you should choose the color of sunglasses lens according to your using occasion?

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lens are mainly divided into the following main colors:

Ray Ban Fake Sale
Ray Ban Fake Sale

Brown, Gray and Green lenses

Brown for ultraviolet and infrared can be completely absorbed, and its not big color change more soft. You can make knockoff Ray Bans more comfortable.

Gray lenses are more neutral lenses that do not change the true colors of things at the same time as they weaken the light.

Green and gray belong to the neutral color, because of the green, light transmission, comfortable. So it is suitable for eye tired people use.

Because of the high density mirror coating on the lens surface, the mercury system makes it easier to reflect visible light. And is suitable for people who are outdoors for a long time.

Ray Ban Fake Sale
Ray Ban Fake Sale

Blue and yellow lenses

The blue line is not recommended in daily use, the daily scenery color is more serious, so it is best not to wear in everyday life too deep blue lenses, but the blue light reflection lens can dispel the sea and the sky is very effective to bring.

Strictly speaking, yellow lenses do not belong to sunglasses, because they do not reduce visible light, but can improve the contrast, provide more accurate video, so also known as night vision goggles.

Through the color of the filter of fake Ray Ban sale, the color contrast that the eye sees is different. If you choose the color of the lens, nor is it not, but when driving, must get the traffic lights.

Ray Ban Fake Sale

Fake Ray Ban Lens

Gray lenses can very effectively reduce the intensity of the light and do not affect the contrast of the color. Brown lenses cheap Oakley sunglasses can enhance color contrast and block blue light, so the bright day, wearing a brown, like snow. Yellow / amber is a more yellow color than brown, which can greatly enhance color contrast. And almost blocking all blue light, to identify the traffic light, do not choose this color. Red and orange are more suitable for winter cloudy days. Purple is for hunting on the green grass. Copper can blend the colors of the sky and grass. It is good for playing golf. Blue and green lenses Ray Bans outlet can strengthen yellow contrast, suitable for playing tennis.

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