Fake Ray Bans Are Suitable For Your Big Face

Although there is no rule of fashion, breaking the unwritten rules of collocation, but may let you out of the ordinary. However, for the necessary accessories fake Ray Bans, it is the choice of a university asked. Whether it’s sunglasses or optical glasses, it’s necessary to choose according to your face. As long as your sunglasses match properly, the temperament will be improved. But if it would be improper collocation sunglasses, low style flaw. Choose the Sunglasses Suitable For Your Big Face. Now, let me look at it with me. What kind of cheap Ray Ban sunglasses does the big face suit to wear?

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Sunglasses Suitable For Your Big Face

We all know that the characteristics of circular face is round cheeks, forehead, rounded, and wide, rounded chin, general node people the feeling of a circle. This kind of face is better for wearing Ray Ban fake sale with more angular edges.

Long type big face is characterized by high forehead, jaw, more solid, chin is also long. The best choice for this face is the nose rack with wide brim and dark mirror leg. Because the straight leg nose frame and a sense of the darker band will break the long face, will face the lower part of the cover, which can attract some attention to balance the focus of the facial visually, but also can increase the full beauty of the face.

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The features of large face

The large face of the melon seeds is characterized by a broad flat forehead and pointed chin and a triangular shape, almost the same as the eye. The lower half of this face is smooth and well proportioned, so you should wear sunglasses that can form a vertical line on your face to compensate for the deficiency of the upper part of the upper part. It is better to choose Ray Ban Sunglasses sale with elliptical frames and large lines.

Square big face is characterized by wide forehead. Facial edges and corners are trenchant, jaw area is taller, wider, the side of the face is very not apparent, face is founder. Wearing round, oval or oval sunglasses will soften the contours of your face. Wearing a bright metallic frame can also eliminate this stiffness.

The width of the elliptic face part is located in the frontal region, and smooth evenly to both sides of the forehead and chin shift shrink. If the shape and proportion of the selected sunglasses are appropriate, the oval face can be perfectly matched.

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When you choose fake Ray Bans UK, be sure to look at the nose, choose the Sunglasses Suitable For Your Big Face. When others see you wearing a new pair of sunglasses. The first thing you see in others is not the frame, but the part of your nose. If you have a short nose, you should wear a bright nose rack. And the frames should be close to the forehead. And the more importantly, match your skin tone. For example, light colored, non base sunglasses can give a sense of beauty if they are in harmony with their skin tone and hair color. The skin is white, wearing black frames will make the skin more white. I can’t choose my face, but I can choose my sunglasses. Concave shape! It’s enough to choose a pair of fashionable fake Ray Bans Wayfarer.

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