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Because Kurt Cobain and his partner, Courtney Love, made history by presenting themselves in this way at the MTV Music Video Awards and demonstrating that the class had nothing to do with luxury or showmanship. The fake Ray Bans, with rounded shapes and a thick frame of bright red paste, are a touch of transgression in a deliberately informal ‘look’. And perfectly reflect the aesthetic fascination that continues to awaken today the most iconic couple of the nineties. Christian Roth, a luxury optical home with such famous clients as Andy Warhol or Lenny Kravitz, continues to offer retro designs.

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In the last decades, the soloist of U2 has gone to very diverse signatures in search of the same archetype: mount to the air (only has the bridge), of screen (that is to say, with a single continuous lens that extends in the bridge) and with colored lenses. Because today it is inconceivable to imagine the interpreter of ‘With or without you’ without this kind of permanent parapet that many artists use as a way to fight against stage fright. Lucidas by a man known for his social and political commitment, show that having fun is not synonymous with frivolity.

A Carrera model in the series ‘Miami vice’ (1984). The Carrera, which emerged as a tribute to the legendary Carrera Panamericana rally competition. Today, fake Ray-Ban sunglasses is an essential icon to understand the glamor of sports optics and much of the popular culture of the eighties. In ‘Miami vice’, the stylist Milena Canonero revolutionized the world style based on light suits, patterned shirts and wide lapels. It also made fashionable glasses like these, which even today are still one of the most requested designs of Carrera.

fake Ray Bans Clubmaster

fake Ray Bans Clubmaster

Tim Roth in the Tarantino classic ‘Reservoir Dogs’. Take a fake Ray Bans Clubmaster. The Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap Sale Online, inspired by the bohemian and intellectual world of the fifties, have become in recent years a safe bet of the most famous optical firm in the world. His mount, which combines acetate and metal, is a classic ‘millennial’ thanks to a hybrid formula with an intellectual touch.

Writer and wild journalist Hunter S. Thompson carries a forgotten version of the fake Ray Bans Aviator with yellow lenses and a piece of white acetate on the double bridge. The guru of journalism ‘gonzo’ of the seventies, Hunter S. Thompson, was made an image at the height of his legend. That ‘look’ included his everlasting fake Ray Ban sunglasses. And he wore both indoors and outdoors (in the image appears in the mid-nineties with Johnny Depp. And Vincent Gallo at the 25th anniversary party of his book ‘Fear and disgust in Las Vegas’). The countercultural extravagance, well understood.

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Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap Sale Online

Some Moscot Originals with violet lenses. The most elusive actor of the current cinema, Johnny Depp, always camouflages himself in public. As expected, at the Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap Sale Online. All the high quality fake Ray-Ban sunglasses with colored lenses. Depp’s optical collection is worthy of a museum. And includes nineteenth-century delusions that seem to come from a Tim Burton movie and more identifiable designs, like this one. Like Bono or Hunter S. Thompson, it is the living demonstration that the sun is not the only reason to wear glasses.

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