Tips for Identifying the Authenticity of Ray-Ban Lens Bracket

Now, high-quality counterfeits are almost the same as the genuine ones. If you are a layman, you may never find out the differences. Ray Ban outlet lens bracket is famous for its lightness, fashion and comfortableness. But the good and bad products mixed up in the markets, which makes customers hard to identify. Now, we are going to tell you 10 tips for identifying the authenticity of Ray-Ban lens bracket. So that you can buy the right one easily.

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Tips for Identifying the Authenticity of Ray-Ban

Character font engraving: The lens holder is engraved with B&L Ray-Ban USA and B&L Ray-Ban 62 14 on the upper and lower parts. The gravure labels are milled with precision molds and have no rough feel. Even when viewed with a magnifying glass. And the intaglio of the counterfeit is relatively rough with askew characters and uneven intaglio which makes the lens lack of delicate touch as a whole.

Lens Logo: the white cheap Ray Bans logo on the right lens is printed with screen printing techniques. The genius are wear-resistant. But you may find that the Ray-Ban logo of the counterfeits is peeling off after a short period of use.

Metal bracket tube head: The tube head of genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses has a clear cut, and the connection between the tube head and the frame is seamless. But fakes can’t do this, and the tube head and frame are unevenly connected.

Metal bracket welding parts: the authentic fake Ray Bans UK metal bracket joints are fluently, evenly and smoothly welded. However, the welding of the counterfeits can not reach such standards, you will find that welding parts are not even or with rough touch.

Fixed screws: the screws used by authentic sunglasses are originally with glues (non-catapult one) and the locking screws are with glues. But the screws used by the counterfeits are not with glues.

Others Tips

  1. Place of origin: since 1988, Ray-Ban has been merged and acquired by the Italian sunglasses giant LUXOTTICA.
  2. Price: as for the ordinary sunglasses, the sales price on the net ranges from $70, 80 to $130,  140, and with regard to the limited or souvenir edition. The price is higher; but the counterfeits available in the markets at an unimaginably low price, such as $10.
  3. Techniques of frame: the black frame of the authentic products are going through enameltechniquesnd the gold ones are going through electroplating process which avoid the frame coatings from peeling off. But you can find that the gold coating becomes thinner or oxidized after a short period of use.
  4. Related certificates: certificate of authenticity, gold label of trademark, the folded tag of the product is all ready. With one year of guarantee, within the guarantee card. There are level of commodity, guarantee card No. And description of guarantee obligation of Baushe.
  5. Labels suggesting authenticity: not all fake Ray Ban sunglasses are labeled. But the classic G15 lens, B15 lens with gold marks. The labels are lustrous. As for the label of counterfeits, the label is dark without luster.

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