Learn About the Lense of Replica Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is one of the famous eyewear brands in the world for the superior quality and design of its lenses. The following is a brief introduction to Ray-Ban lenses. Learn about the lense of replica Ray-Ban sunglasses and the funtion of the lense, and how to choose the lense according to the function on the fake Ray-Bans sale.

Styles of the Lense

Ray-Ban G15/B15 standard lens
Both G-15 and B-15 lenses were developed by his family for military use in 1937, and they are Ray-Ban’s own patented technologies. G15 means to reduce the light by 85% (light transmittance 15%). G-15 is gray-green, B-15 is brown. The properties of the two are roughly similar, and the lens color and brightness of G-15 are softer than B-15. The B-15 is known as the most natural lens for seeing things, because it only filters harmful light and has no effect on the color. The color you see is the color of the object itself.

Polarized lenses
Using the principle of polarization of light to exclude and filter the direct light in the beam, the contrast-enhancing lenses make it more real to see through the lenses, so it can relieve eye fatigue. In layman’s terms, if an ordinary camera wants to take a photo with strong contrast, such as a very blue sky, you need to purchase an additional polarizer. In Replica Ray-Ban Sunglasses, there is a P behind Rayban on the corner of the eye, which means polarized lenses. There is a coating on the back of the polarizer, which is easy to get fingerprints.

Shapes of the Lense

photochromic lenses
Photosensitive chemical substances are added to the lens, and the colorless lens becomes a colored lens when it encounters sunlight. It is often used on myopia lenses. That is, photochromic lenses will be more visible in dark places such as indoors; in strong light, they will become darker. This lens is suitable for environments that require frequent switching between indoors and outdoors.

Gradient lenses
Gradient lens of our Replica Ray-Ban Sunglasses is a lens that changes from dark to light from top to bottom. The original intention of the design is that the light is irradiated from top to bottom, which can not only ensure the above effect of the lens, but also ensure the line of sight of the lower angle. In recent years, the gradient Very hot, very good concave shape equipment.

reflective lens
There is a layer of reflective paint on the mirror surface, called a half-silvered surface, which can reflect strong light from the outside world. It is suitable for wearing under strong light conditions. It is suitable for outdoor activities with glare such as skiing and mountaineering. Many stars wore it in the past few years. , it has become unpopular in recent years.

Lens Color of Replica Ray-Ban Sunglasses

The color of the lens is not the darker the color, the better the UV protection effect! UV protection has nothing to do with the color of the lens, it is determined by the substrate and the film layer. Light-colored sunglasses will not have poor UV protection due to light color.

gray lenses
Gray of the Replica Ray-Ban Sunglasses has considerable protection against all colors. After wearing it, the overall color becomes darker. Compared with other colors, gray has no color difference. It is the color with the strongest protection ability and is suitable for most purposes, especially strong light.

Green/Dark Green Lenses
It can dim bright lights and brighten dark places. It can increase green light and relieve visual fatigue. It’s visually refreshing. Not suitable for driving with low light transmittance. Suitable for those who are prone to eye fatigue.

The Replica Ray-Ban Sunglasses’ Characteristics

brown lenses
It has strong protection against blue light, can increase visual contrast, and can increase clarity when worn in bad weather, suitable for most purposes.

blue lens
It can reduce glare, filter part of the blue reflection of water and sky, and is more fashionable.

yellow lenses
The main purpose of yellow lenses is to reduce the contrast in low-light situations. For example, you can see more clearly in foggy weather. In addition, the anti-blue light glasses are all yellow, which can reduce the blue light of the screen. Therefore, yellow sunglasses on the fake Ray-Bans sale cannot be called sunglasses. Most of them are for good looks. .

red/pink lenses
Reduce visual pressure, enhance contrast, and have a better visual experience on the road when worn.

How To Choose The Lense of Replica Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Replica Ray-Ban Sunglasses lens color options
You can choose according to the function. The protective effect of the above six colors is professional, and other colors are mostly used for decoration. Blue and purple are not sunscreen.
For driving: gray, yellow, and brown are recommended; red, yellow, and green are not recommended, as there will be color cast.
Common for watching computers, outdoor travel, etc.: Green, brown, and gray are the most commonly used and comfortable colors.
Practical order: black/gray > green > brown, these three colors are enough for daily use.

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