Function Analysis of Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

Summer is coming at the appoint time so as the strong sun light for which people’s eyes sometimes are unable to handle, when the eyes receive too much light, the iris will naturally be shank. Some light stimulation may cause damage to the retina. And a good pair of fake Ray Bans can filter up to more than 97% light entering the eye so as to protect the eyes from damage. The following is the Function of Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses.
Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses may seem very simple, that is, just two pieces of colored glass or plastic film embedded in some plastic or metal frame. Name one thing simpler than that! Well, in fact, the two glass lenses can make great difference and it will have a great influence on you when you using. In this article, you will learn about the differences between sunglasses. A good pair of Ray Ban sunglasses sale must have the following four functions:

Prevent ultraviolet radiation from sunlight

Ultraviolet light can damage the cornea and retina, and high quality fake Ray Bans can completely eliminate ultraviolet radiation.

high quality fake ray bans
high quality fake ray bans

Prevent strong sunlight

When the eye receives too much light, it naturally contracts the iris. Once the iris is contracted to the limit, people will need to squint. If the light is still too long, for example, the sunlight reflected from the snow will damage the retina. High quality sunglasses can filter up to 97% eye light to avoid injury.
Prevent glare

Certain surfaces such as the water surface will reflect large amounts of light, and the resulting bright spot will disrupt vision or hides objects. High quality sunglasses can completely eliminate such kind of glare by polarizing technology, and we will introduce polarizing technology later.

Eliminate lights with specific frequencies

Some frequencies of light blur the vision, while other frequencies of light will enhance contrast. Choose the right color for your sunglasses so that they get a best effect in a particular environment.
If sunglasses do not have UV protection, it will make you exposed in UV light. Cheap sunglasses filter out parts of the light and cause your iris to open up to receive more lights. This will also allow more ultraviolet lights to enter, thus increase the UV damage to the retina.

best fake ray bans
best fake ray bans

Function of Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

Therefore, there is a definite difference between different sunglasses. Choosing the right, high quality sunglasses will provide maximum protection for a specific use environment.
Parameters of outlet Ray Ban
(1) UV (anti-ultraviolet degree): the perception range of the human eye to light is 380~780mm (visible light). Ultraviolet light refers to the light (less visible light) whose wavelength is below 380mm. “UV380” means that it can effectively block light with wavelengths less than 380mm. And UV400 also blocks some visible lights; meanwhile, it loses part of its color.
(2) Plate (plastic): frame made of plastic sheet.
(3) Memorable (anti-deformation): refers to the anti-deformation ability of the frame.
(4) Polarized light (polarized light, polarizing filter): to add a layer of polarized film in the lens to filter the light and glare.

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