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Ray-Ban sunglasses have always been the leader in the high-end eyewear industry, synonymous with fashion and fashion, the perfect combination of fashion and practicality, and the representative of good industrial design and excellent manufacturing technology. Ray-Ban has a wide variety of sunglasses series, and it is very complicated to buy. This article will start from scratch and introduce in detail the development history of Ray-Ban brand, the shape and material of each series of fake Ray-Ban sunglasses , style characteristics, and provide consumers with detailed purchase guides in terms of purchase channels, lens and frame size, material, and purchase precautions, as well as methods to identify genuine Ray-Ban glasses on the replica Ray-Ban outlet. Let consumers choose rationally on the basis of fully understanding Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Sunglasses Basics

  1. Basic concept: Sunglasses, also known as sunglasses, are glasses that can block sunlight (including ultraviolet and infrared rays) and reduce irritation to the eyes.
  2. Optical principle: Sunglasses can resist strong light and protect eyes, all thanks to the lens.
    Some lenses (absorptive) add certain metal oxides to the lens to selectively filter out some harmful light.
    Part of the lens (polarized type) utilizes the principle of blinds to polarize the dazzling light and only allows vertical light that is harmless to human eyes to pass through.
    Part of the lens (reflective type) is coated on the surface to reflect harmful light according to the light reflectivity, thereby protecting the eyes from irritation.
  3. About the lens: The lens is always the most important part of the sunglasses. There are the following types of lenses:
    Colored lenses: that is, chemical substances are added during the lens manufacturing process (or directly painted on the lenses) to make the lenses colorful and absorb light of specific wavelengths.
    Anti-reflection lens: that is, a layer of magnesium fluoride is coated on the surface of the lens, which will not receive strong light stimulation, but also ensure clear vision.
    Polarized lenses: Add vertical special coatings on the lenses to isolate the glare from other directions.
    Color-changing lenses: that is, silver halide and other chemical substances are added to the lenses to make the original transparent lenses turn into colored lenses when exposed to strong light.


UV Protective Lenses: UV protective lenses are one of the most basic types of sunglasses. They use special materials and coatings that effectively block ultraviolet (UV) radiation, both UVA and UVB. This UV radiation comes from the sun and long-term exposure can cause damage to the eyes. Choosing sunglasses with UV protective lenses can help reduce the risk of UV rays to the eyes.
Mirror lenses: Mirror lenses have a reflective coating that gives them a mirror-like appearance. This type of lens reduces the intensity and glare of the sun for a clearer view. Mirrored lenses also provide extra privacy and protection for the eyes, as they reflect the gaze of others.

Gradient lenses: Gradient lenses are lenses that gradually change from one color to another. Usually, they are darker on the upper part of the lens and gradually get lighter down the lens. Gradient lenses can help filter harsh sunlight and provide clearer vision when needed. This design is especially suitable for outdoor activities, such as driving or hiking, because they can keep the sun out of the eyes while maintaining the visibility of the surrounding environment.

Anti-blue light lenses: Anti-blue light lenses have a special coating that filters out harmful blue light emitted from electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computer screens. Prolonged exposure to blue light may have adverse effects on the eyes, such as eye strain, blurred vision and insomnia. Choosing sunglasses with blue light blocking lenses can alleviate these problems and protect the eyes from damaging blue light radiation.


Ray-Ban is a world-renowned brand of sunglasses launched by Bausch & Lomb. From this point of view, “Ray” in “Ray-Ban” refers to light, while “Ban” refers to blocking. As the name suggests, sunglasses Definitely Ray-Ban’s hit product.

Ray-Ban sunglasses were first equipped in the U.S. Air Force as a military item. According to legend, in the 1920s, the pilots of the U.S. Air Force were very distressed by the glare of the sun. The military supply department urgently needed an eye that could absorb the glare of the sun and maintain good clarity. In 1930, Bausch & Lomb developed Ray-Ban sunglasses with good protection function and good appearance. For a time, pilots wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses captured the hearts of thousands of ladies.

In 1936, Bausch & Lomb sold Ray-Ban sunglasses to ordinary people, which immediately caused a sensation. Coupled with the fact that Hollywood stars were particularly popular in wearing sunglasses. Ray-Ban instantly became the fashion accessory and the most popular item bought by Americans at that time. With the retirement of time, Ray-Ban has enriched its product line and launched a variety of products, and Ray-Ban sunglasses have gradually become popular all over the world.

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