Cheap Sunglasses Are Not Necessarily Inferior To Expensive One

According to the Russian Medical Forum News Network September 12th news, the survey found that cheap Oakley sunglasses is not inferior to the expensive sunglasses. Both products’ function of protecting the eyes from the light of the sun are the same.
So far, fake Ray Ban sunglasses styles are pretty complete, you can see them from street vendors, pharmacies, kiosks, cheap Ray Bans shops to expensive boutiques. The price also various vastly, while plenty of people tend to think that only expensive sunglasses can play the role of eye protection.
In this regard, University of California eye doctor selected a group of the cheapest sunglasses. And expensive brands of sunglasses to perform a comparative study. The study is not aimed at the design of sunglasses, but for preventing UV rays and protecting eyes. After testing with specialized instruments, the researchers found that all the knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses come with the function of preventing harmful radiation, cataracts, nutritional disorders, skin cancer, and so on.

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Expensive sunglasses, compared to cheap Ray Ban sunglasses, are just superior quality, durability, elegance and comfort.
Experts also warned that wearing sunglasses is very necessary from April to the end of September, because the UV intensity this time at noon is 3 times as in winter, while the UV intensity even reached as much as 10 times in the hot summer.
Sunglasses can be divided into general glasses and polarized glasses.
General sunglasses come with two basic functions anti-glare and UV filter. While the biggest differences between polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses are the different in the way of light reflection. We live in the environment where there are a direct light. It reflected light and diffuse light, diffuse light which we usually cannot perceive. But the light can be seen by our eyes is of the most important. While for the direct light, since it has a fixed light source (such as the sun, etc.). Which will not cause harm to our life. These common lights often can be reflected suddenly. Which can cause a lot of inconvenience to our lives. For example, the light in front of the rearview mirror is an uncertain light reflection especially when driving, road surface or slippery surface can be categorized as the reflecting light source, the reflected light are likely to bring the driver trouble or even dangerous.
The polarizer is used inside the lens its linear molecular arrangement, the damage of the eye and eliminate glare filter is through the linear polarizer lens array in the molecule. For those irregular reflection light to resort again. And make the investment more light into the eyes clear and natural.

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Polarized Ray Ban sunglasses sale are aimed at reflecting glare and filtering them out so that they can prevent vertigo, and travel during the summer also makes the vision clearer and reduces visual fatigue. Of course, this kind of sunglasses can be expensive. If you just go out for a walk, regular cheap Ray Bans outlet will completely meet your needs. Despite of that, driving or climbing, skiing and other outdoor activities. It bringing a pair of polarized outlet Ray Ban sunglasses will make you more relaxed and comfortable.
The so-called polarized light is the light through the uneven road surface, water. And other places produced by irregular reflected light, also known as glare. These rays illuminate people’s eyes directly. Which can cause the eye to be uncomfortable. It easy to be tired, and can’t keep sight of things for a long time, and the objects are not clear enough.

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